How to Appear In Exam, useful Exams tips to get Peak.

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How to appear in Exams   Examination Tips
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Exams Tip How to appear in Exams Examination Tips Exams Tip How to appear in Exams Examination Tips
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      You have spent months preparing for this day. Stay calm, follow our tips and breeze through your exam!
Outside The Examination Hall
  • Get to the exam room a little earlier so that you will be more relaxed.
  • Keep away from your fellow classmates
      No last minute discussions! That will only send you into the PANIC ZONE!
Before Starting Your Paper
  • Write your name and class on every sheet of paper.
  • Check that there are no missing pages in your copy of the exam paper.
  • Allocate your time properly.
      Stick to your schedule so that you'll have time to answer all the questions.
      Spend more time on questions that are worth more marks.
      Watch your time like a hawk!
  • Clarify with the examiner if in doubt of anything.
The Exam!
  • Read and follow instructions and questions very carefully E.g. if instructions want you to mark "Cross" for the correct answer, do not "Tick".
  • Answer the easier questions first.
  • They give you the boost in confidence needed to tackle the rest of the questions.
  • Come back to the difficult questions later.
  • NEVER leave questions unanswered .
      If you are out of time, give your answers in "point" form.
      Examiners award marks for facts and not long sentences
      For MCQs, make a guess if you don't know the answer.
  • Get to the point when answering short-answer or essay questions.
      There is no time for flowery language.
      Remember KISS - Keep It Short and Simple!
  • DO NOT panic if your mind decides not to function!
      Relax and you'll recall what you'd studied.
  • Leave the last 15 minutes to check through.
      Look out for omitted questions/fact
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